Healed By Spirit Services

Healing Sessions

A complete introductory session is strongly recommend for all new clients, which includes Chakra work and intuitively guided session as described above, as well as a full-body energetic clearing of every system.  This session may take as long as three hours.

Pricing for further sessions and bodywork “tune-ups” may be done remotely by the hour. (sessions are generally MUCH shorter after intro sessions –recommended for chronic pain and cancer patients where symptoms persist).

Healing Package


(Payment Plans Available)

3-4 Hours Duration + one or more 90-minutes Follow Up Clearing Session & Guidance Sessions

Lifelong Energetic Chakra Cleaning

Comprehensive Energetic Bodywork

Intuitively Guided Counseling Sessions as required

Healing Session For People

$125/90 minutes

*Introductory Healing Session Required

Healing Session For Pets

$125/90 minutes

*Allow 90 Minutes for Session

Clearing Homes & Workspaces


*Including Travel Time to Your Location

Soul Connection Workshops

Connection Workshop

$250 /Couple

*Group Rate Available $150/Couple

Connection Workshop

$250 /Family

*Group Rate Available $150/Family

For All
Connection Workshop

$125/per person

*Group of Two People is Necessary

Healers Training Courses

Level One
Learner's Class

Tuition $600

Healer's Class

Tuition $2000

Can be paid in 12 installments of $200/month

+ $200 Enrollment fee

Client Connection Workshops

Business Connection
Workshop For All

$125 /Person

*Group of Two People is Necessary


Connection Consultation

$200 /Hour

*3 Hours minimum TO ENSURE SUCESS

Done Locally or Teleconferencing

Service at Your Location Available at a
Normal Rate + Travel Expenses


Soul Connection
Facilitator's Track

Enrollment fee $200*

Tuition $50/Month

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