Soul Connection Workshop

Soul Connection
Workshop Series

This beautiful and challenging process will guide you through a series of interactions which peel away the layers through which we generally communicate.  You will finish in a place where the divinity in you connects to the divinity in another, and be given tools to return there whenever you wish with whomever you choose.

What Might I
Expect In The Workshop?

Brian will lead you through an easy exercise in which you will learn to distinguish between mind chatter and “soul talk.” From this place you will be guided through a few processes that will open you up to lovingly connect with the person in front of you.

This Sacred Space requires a level of safety, vulnerability, and confidentiality which all participants agree to honor.

“When you drop off what’s in the way, what remains is who you are.”

Once in this space, you will continue guided interaction with your paired partner, deepening your connection, and are finally given tools you will have for a lifetime.  These will enable you to generate this sacred space with whomever you wish whenever you choose.

The Workshop Promises

  • You will be able to access this Sacred Space at will, whenever you wish, for the betterment of you and everyone in your life.

  • You will experience transformed relationships with even the most challenging people in your life, with an effortless quality which prior to the Workshop would have seemed impossible.
  • You will experience your own Divine nature and be able to acknowledge and powerfully awaken this in others
  • You will be able to positively impact any situation in which you find yourself
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