Service Rates

Which Session Is For Me?

A complete introductory session is strongly recommend for all new clients, which includes Chakra work and intuitively guided session as described above, as well as a full-body energetic clearing of every system.  This session may take as long as three hours.

Pricing for further sessions and bodywork “tune-ups” may be done remotely by the hour. (sessions are generally MUCH shorter after intro sessions –recommended for chronic pain and cancer patients where symptoms persist).

Healing Sessions

Healing Package


(Payment Plans Available)

3-4 Hours Duration + one or more 90-minutes Follow Up Clearing Session & Guidance Sessions

Lifelong Energetic Chakra Cleaning

Comprehensive Energetic Bodywork

Intuitively Guided Counseling Sessions as required

Healing Session For People

$125/90 minutes

*Introductory Healing Session Required

Healing Session For Pets

$125/90 minutes

*Allow 90 Minutes for Session

Clearing Homes & Workspaces


*Including Travel Time to Your Location

Soul Connection Workshop Series

For All
Connection Workshop

$125/per person

*Group of Two People is Necessary

Connection Workshop

$250 /Family

*Group Rate Available $100/Family

Connection Workshop

$250 /Couple

*Group Rate Available $100/Couple

Client Connection Workshops

Business Connection
Workshop For All

$125 /Person

*Group of Two People is Necessary


Connection Consultation

$200 /Hour

*3 Hours minimum TO ENSURE SUCESS

Done Locally or Teleconferencing

Service at Your Location Available at a
Normal Rate + Travel Expenses


Healers Curriculum

Level One
Learner's Class

Tuition $500

Healer's Class

Enrollment fee $200*

Tuition $200/Month

Soul Connection
Facilitator's Track

Enrollment fee $200*

Tuition $50/Month

Questions Regarding The Rates, Call or Text Me!