Now Available! Access The Real You

This book presents a common-sense, practical, applicable process guided by simple principles that leads to accessing The Real You—that part of us that few ever know beyond a brain-understood concept, and even fewer can access as needed. This book is about granting you ready access to your own inherent divinity—that part of you that is tied to something far greater than you and your physical existence, to which you are inexorably tied, and which sources every aspect of your life, your health, and your capacity for unconditional love and self-love, forgiveness and self-forgiveness, which drives your very self-evolution.

Hello, I'm Brian Kurtz

Healer and creator of the Healed by Spirit © modality
Brian is a teacher and light worker who calls in Spirit’s power and love to heal physical, psychological, and emotional issues. Brian’s divinely-inspired method includes chakra and life-history energetic residue clearing, client-specific healing, and a divinely-channeled counseling session. Brian also works with children and pets, and clears homes and work spaces as required.



Brian discerns and clears energetic residue from all seven chakras, accumulated over your entire lifetime, which has resulted in the physical and emotional concerns you’ve endured. 

Soul Connection

This beautiful and challenging process will guide you through a series of interactions which peel away the layers through which we generally communicate.  You will finish in a place where the divinity in you connects to the divinity in another.

Healer's Training

The Healed By Spirit modality is not just some gift for a chosen few. It is a learnable and teachable practice, able to be performed by anyone with a heart, mind, and commitment to do so.


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