Introductory Healing Package


The introductory package includes a 3+hour session AND a 90 minute follow up session, and includes the following:

Opening Conversation to access your own soul – I have this conversation with EVERY new client, be it for a healing session, Soul Connection Workshop, or ANYONE wishing to improve their life. You will be presented a structure from which to operate in life, applying this structure to process through your own circumstances in a way which is both powerful and very practical. You’ll essentially be learning the basics of becoming your own guru! – approx 1 hour

Chakra Clearing and Harmonizing – I will not only clear all chakras from any energetic residue you may be carrying, I will also chart out for you WHEN events in your life happened about which you’ve been carrying energetic residue, and CLEAR what I find IN EACH AND EVERY CHAKRA.  When this is completed, you’ll be given your chart so you can now go back and consider what may have happened in the time frame specified (shown by years of age), and implement the structure presented in the Opening Conversation to whatever may have occurred there, NOW FREE OF THE CHARGE you may have been carrying around all these years!  – approx 1 hour

Energetic Body Work – I will go through every part of your body, noting on a body chart what I find, and clearing and resolving what I find. This includes your skeletal structure (skull, neck, back, all joints and limbs), nervous system, circulatory system, musculature, tendons, ligaments, and all major organs. Any condition you bring has a strong possibility of being resolved  or at least improved in this introductory session.

Discussion of all of the above – we will cover all of what’s been discovered in these segments, and begin to build structures and ways of being about any physical, emotional, or spiritual concerns which have presented themselves.

Follow up session – ALL of the above and everything that occurs in your life will be noticed for a couple of weeks, and we will get back together again to discuss what you’re noticing in your life, and who you can now BE about what’s happening.  This is your springboard to the rest of your life!


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