Healing Sessions for pets

Healing Sessions
for Pets

All living creatures are, at their Essence, energy.  If God/Creator/Source Energy occupies the empty space within and around all matter, and every atom which comprises all objects in physical existence is MOSTLY empty space, everything is quite literally made of MOSTLY that.  Thus, all living things are made mostly of Godstuff. My healing sessions for animals are similar to the work I do with humans, though a bit more basic, and are based on the fact that my Divinity is accessing your pet’s Divinity with and through The One Divinity which sources our spiritual and thus physical being here in 3D reality. All healing is the result of a loving, intentional shift in the energy field of the person being healed.  I ask, I am shown, and what I see occurs. That’s it in a nutshell. There is no limit as to what may be accomplished because I am the facilitator of the process not The One doing the work.

Benefits of the Session


The benefits of the session are profound.  As all living things are energetic beings, when what clears is gone, what remains is who and what your beloved furry family member already is and has always been.  In this place, dis-ease is gone.

Chakra Clearing


Chakra clearing and body work…….There is some debate as to how many Chakras animals may have, but I work with the same seven as we humans possess, and go from there.  I do not use an Energetic Residue Data Sheet as I do with humans, so the compilation of this chart and discussion surrounding it are eliminated. I will clear what I see in the chakras and go straight into the body work portion of the session, and follow with an intuitively guided session with the you about your pet.  Anything I’m shown will be shared with you.

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