Healing Sessions for People

Healing Sessions
for People

We are, at our Essence, energy.  If God/Creator/Source Energy occupies the empty space within and around all matter, and every atom which comprises our physical existence is MOSTLY empty space, we are quite literally made of MOSTLY that.  Thus, we are made mostly of God stuff.  We are all, quite simply, souls occupying physical form, one with our Creator in the literal likeness (as in we are like that) and image (spirit/energy).  My healing sessions are based on the fact that my Divinity is accessing your Divinity with and through The One Divinity which sources our spiritual and thus physical being here in 3D reality. All healing is the result of a loving, intentional shift in the energy field of the person being healed.  I ask, I am shown, and what I see occurs. That’s it in a nutshell. There is no limit as to what may be accomplished because I am the facilitator of the process not The One doing the work. Further, this is all beyond time and space, so remote healing sessions are no less effective than those done in person.

Benefits of the Session

The benefits of the session are profound.  As we are energetic beings, when what clears is gone, what remains is who you already are and have always been.  In this place, dis-ease is gone. It has no place in the space you will occupy when our work is completed. Our work then becomes the inner work of learning from our past and present experiences and Being that which most readily serves us.  Brian’s intuitively-guided counseling sessions directly serve this purpose.

Introductory Session

Introductory sessions are actually a two-session, multi-step process (and additional segments if required, at additional compensation).  First, we will schedule a three-hour session which consists of four parts – Connection, “The Conversation” (presented to over 1500 people at the time of this writing, guiding you to connection with your very own soul), Lifelong Energetic Residue Clearing, Bodywork, and Integration through an intuitively-guided counseling session which will come through me specifically for you.  Second comes a 60- to 90-minute follow up session to cement into place what we’ve learned together.  In the first segment, we will connect by phone or in person until I sense Divine Connection taking place. Next (if we’re on the phone or Zoom.us call, we now hang up until I’m done, at which point I’ll call you back to talk about what I’ve found, cleared and learned), I will go through all seven Chakras – the energy centers in the body which correspond not only to regions of the physical body, but also to various life aspects – and clear all lifelong-accumulated energetic residue as intuitively presented to me. As this Chakra clearing is taking place, I am shown the years of your age in which events occurred which resulted in the energetic residue I am clearing.  From this information, as I work, I will create a detailed chart of your lifelong energetic residue for you to study and from which you may go back, examine the events NOW FREE OF THE ENERGETIC CHARGE AROUND THEM, and together we will learn the lessons associated with them so that you need never have such things happen ever again. After this energetic clearing is completed, I will complete a comprehensive scan and clearing of every part of your body, and we will have a very detailed discussion about everything found AND WHO YOU CAN BE to keep any dis-ease, malady, or previously-endured condition from returning.  Chronic pain is usually either gone completely or reduced to the point that it will no longer be an issue. Decades-long conditions vanish or are brought to levels which, without an explanation, might otherwise be considered miraculous. Bones which have not healed will come back together.  Rheumatoid Arthritis symptoms vanish.  You get the idea.  

We will next schedule a follow-up session to further resolve, refine, or release that which becomes apparent in our work together.

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