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Regarding Brian’s healing work:

“Our son had a near-deadly car crash, driving into a phone pole at 80 mph.  Three months later, he was walking around with no permanent injuries.  He had brain surgery immediately following the accident, on the personality center.  You’d never know it to talk to him today. We attribute his swift and complete recovery largely to Brian’s wonderful work. Brian has never met or spoken to him.  They live more than 1,000 miles apart.

I am not a religious person and do not use the word “miracle” ordinarily … but this was a miracle.  I believe he would not be alive today but for Brian’s healing work.  Brian called us often during the first few days, telling us what he was feeling regarding our son.  He has a truly amazing gift.”

— Mary L, Austin, TX


In December, 2010, my boyfriend gave me a gift – one of true love and care. He gave me a healing session with Brian Kurtz. He said if I didn’t mind, would I be open to a visit with his friend, Brian. Well, I am a curious sort, and my difficulties with Rheumatoid Arthritis were becoming more and more frequent. I also had a moderate curvature in my spine that I was just finding out about, and the pain I was experiencing now was so severe it was literally crippling me. I would go through good spots for several months and then would have a “crisis,” and would be unable to walk; having to be carried to the restroom. After four days or so of these periods in could begin doing things for myself again, but all in all it would take 7-10 days before I was really OK again…until the next episode.

My boyfriend invited Brian to come to his home, where we did our healing session. We spent approximately 45 minutes together and as he worked I felt within myself a warmth and then a physical vibration that I have never felt before in my entire life. My physical self continued feeling that vibration and warmth for many hours after his departure. My life changed forever.

My pain does come back occasionally, but nothing like it was before my session with Brian. The RA I’ve had since 2001 and the joint deformity that I’d have expected to see signs of just aren’t around any more.

I sincerely thank Brian for his unique gift, and more so The One from whom he received his Gift.
 Donna D, Austin, TX


“When I herniated a disc in my spine, I was overcome with excruciating pain that prevented almost all my normal activities. I was limited to standing, walking or lying on my side. I just happened to contact Brian during this time and learned of his spiritual body-work to relieve pain. I did not much believe in such things. However, I was willing to give it a try, even from 2000 miles away. As we hung up the phone Brian said he would work on me from Austin. I fell asleep after my session, and the next morning when I woke up, I was pain free and have been ever since. It was not a cure for my injuries – the MRI two days later still showed tissue outside the disc area, yet the doctors admitted they could do no more than had already been done, given the result. To have no pain after a month of taking large does of pain medications every day is nothing short of miraculous.” (still in no pain since Fall of 2010)

– Robin H., Seattle, WA


From a client with prostate issues:

Recently, after I had my blood drawn, I called my urologist for my PSA (Prostate Specific Antigen) reading, a good indication of cancer in my prostate. I was not home at th etime, so when his nurse called me, she told me, rather nonchalantly, that it was moving past 4. I was alarmed and soon called Brian Kurtz for a healing session, and almost immediately, he cam over and gave me a treatment.

When I had my blood drawn for another PSA in another couple of weeks, afterward the nurse called me and told me it was down to 0.3, only a little above absolute “zero!” To say the least, it was an enormous relief. Hail Brian Kurtz!

–Bob German, Austin, TX


From a recent client in North Texas:

Hi Brian,

Just wanted to thank you again for your wonderful healing session.  I had many health issues so I didn’t expect miracles on just one visit but there is no doubt in my mind that the pain in my hip that I have had for quite some time is all but gone.  I don’t know what was causing it but I’m sure it was going to end up being something dreadful like arthritis or something worse.  Quite amazing… you are truly blessed.  Thank you so much.


Hi, Brian.I want to formally thank you for ALL the help you have given me, and give you my testimony for your Healing Work – which I belovingly call “my Chiropractic Adjustment from God”.

I have had lower back pain for over 11 years, that started when I was pregnant with my son – my pelvis shifted, and now I have 2 herniated discs there.  My leg goes numb down the right side and I get stabbing pains above my knee, and then I feel nauseous and almost pass out.  If I stand or walk more than 15 minutes, I am in intense pain, and if I go a lot longer, that pain stays for days!  I also hurt my shoulder and mid-back 3 & 1/2 years ago.  My mid-back shows 2 herniated discs with tears in them. Also lots of degenerative disc disease, which is like arthritis, and spinal stenosis all throughout my spine.  My shoulder has tendinitis, bursitis and something going on with the AC joint – and pain that radiates down the back of my shoulder down my shoulder blade and along my spine down to right below my bra.  That whole section of my back swells up and leaves me in complete pain for days if I dare lift with my right arm, and even if I lift more than 20 pounds with my left. On a pain scale from 0 as no pain to 10 as the worst pain ever – I ranged from 7 to 9, sometimes 10 over the last 3 & 1/2 years!  I was also diagnosed with PTSD and depression since 1992, with traumas from my past and in the Navy.

Dr’s have made me try almost everything: shots in my back – radio frequency ablations, steroids, epidurals, all the medicines they made me try, and all the therapies I have tried that didn’t work – physical therapy hurt me – even chair yoga..  Acupuncture seemed to help a little bit, and chiropractic, when they allow me to go…  I refused always to do pain medicines, unless I was at the 10 level and then only for a day or so, because I have always been paranoid about being addicted to anything.  I was on Muscle Relaxers for over a year, and the only thing it really did was relax my brain! It didn’t even help the pain! I do take Aleve, which I now take less of.  I take Mangosteen juice, which is a SuperFruit that helps with inflammation, but I don’t have as much inflammation anymore. And I do have a Medical Marijuana card, which I usually only use the products that have just CBD, not THC – and that helps with anxiety, depression, PTSD, and actually helps the pain and allows me to sleep better! I also use Turmeric, Ginger, and Garlic as much as possible when cooking.  I just mention these, because I prefer to try natural remedies above all else!

Even with all THAT going on, I pride myself that I am normally a very happy and positive person who can typically find the good in everything!  So, with the help of my Uncle Jeff – who is friends with Brian Kurtz,  I was led to Brian.  After a few emotional breakdowns over the last couple years, I have been struggling a lot. Just the conversations I have with Brian help me immensely.  He reminds me of what’s most important, like the last time about Letting Go and Letting God.  He also continuously encourages me to journal my thoughts… *I’m still working on this.  🙂  He has also had conversations with my kids, to help them on the right path…

So, when I first called Brian, we talked for a little over an hour, and then he described what he would do was a Chakra Clearing.  I have heard of these things, but I really had no idea what would happen.  I’ve read others descriptions, you can search yourself – but I will tell you of my experience.  I laid flat on my back on my bed, with just a pillow beneath my knees.  Brian said he would do his “work” on his end (from 1000 miles away!), and I was to just relax and let whatever happen to happen, then he would call me back when he’s done.  Well, I immediately started feeling warmth along my back and spine.  My insides seemed to be shifting somewhat – it’s hard to describe, but I imagine it was because of how my pelvis shifts.  But the sensations started around my right lower ribs and it curved around my right side back down towards the bottom and back of my spine.  Then my body started twisting and turning and it almost felt as if hands were on me, moving me around.  (THIS is why I call it a Chiropractic Adjustment from God, through Brian!)  It almost felt like fingers touching and manipulating all the way along my spine and even down my leg and up my neck!  This happened for at least an hour!  My back and different joints would pop and twist and turn, and it actually felt good!!!  My back was re-aligning itself!!!  My pain level went down to about a 4, and it hasn’t been that low in so long, I can’t even remember the last time!

I have a lot of stress sometimes, as a single parent and my other things I mentioned from above…  So, I’m also learning to stay in the moment, because Right Now is all we truly have.  I read a lot of good books, and watch some neat videos.  I have had Brian do a few other quick adjustments, which only take about 15-30 minutes now, to keep me in line.  I am able to do more Yoga stretches, which I haven’t been able to do in years.  And I finally talked my Dr’s into giving me Aqua Therapy, which I am just starting.  I still range now from a pain level of 4-6, but I am definitely getting better!!!  What Brian does for my back and ME – my Spirit, my Soul, my Essence – well, that has been 100% more than I ever thought possible!  And, Brian keeps telling me he wants to get me to a pain level of 0!!!  This still blows my mind, but I believe it is possible now!  🙂  I am so close, I feel it!

I would recommend everyone call Brian to see if he can help you!  I know for a fact God works through him!  He is helping to heal me!  Plus I have gained a GREAT Friend!

hugs and love,
Angie L

“You must make a Choice to take a Chance
or your life will never Change!”


Remote client in California – single session report:

I am so grateful that Brian randomly found me on facebook and reached out to me! I have Lupus and not only am I having a hard time controlling the symptoms but the doctors can’t figure it out either, I was getting very frustrated. Brian did a healing session on me, he is in Texas and I am in California. The following day I did have all my symptoms still, but the pain went down, my swelling of the whole body went down, my fatigue was almost gone, the redness of my whole body toned down and my skin didn’t hurt to touch! Thank you so much again, and I will be coming back for another session!
                                                       Heather Humlick

Remote client in Germany – single session report:
I finally finished my testimonial. I hope it will help you with your website. Please let me know if there’s anything else I can do. – Tess

I tripped on a step and broke my ankle in eight places. Two surgeries, seven months of physical therapy, and almost a year later, both my
first opinion and second opinion doctors gave up on me. I refused to believe that I was just going to limp and be in pain for the rest of
my life, so my sister suggested that I contact Brian.  After our session, my ankle didn’t really feel that much better. But
I did. My heart and spirit were lighter and I felt better about a lifetime of emotional hurts I had been dragging around with me. My
husband said that I even look different now. No more dark shadow following me around.

A day after our session I noticed that a lot of little pains, bumps and bruises, I’d accumulated through my life weren’t there. A day
or two after that and I noticed my balance had improved. My ankle has so much more flexibility. It doesn’t swell and most days it
doesn’t even hurt. I can actually do all those physical therapy exercises now and I really believe I can get rid of this limp soon.
I am so thankful to Brian for his help and for giving me hope again when I thought there wasn’t any left.


Since I’ve met Brian, my life has changed for the better in so many ways, it’s not even possible to list them all.He is a warm, intuitive healer and I was amazed at how much he was able to do in just one session.  I have become much stronger, more focused, more loving, less anxious, more generous, less critical and on and on.

Basically happier!

My husband has also had a session with Brian. The next day he woke up and had no interest in smoking pot, which he had smoked daily for 20 years! He just wanted to be clear, and our relationship has benefited greatly for it! I don’t crave that glass of wine every night either. Stopped drinking completely. I have recommended Brian to many friends and family and they all say it is one of the best things they’ve done for themselves.  Brian has a gift. He is simply put: Amazing!

– Elle, New York


I’ve known Brian for nearly 20 years. We met at his audio business [before HBS was a full-time thing – bk] , Sound Mind Audio.

Brian and I hit it off right away. It turned out that we’re both spiritual people who believe that spiritual energy can be used to heal physical ailments. He told me about his experiences and I told him about mine. I learned that Brian is much more experienced and capable at healing than I am.

I recently made use of Brian’s skill for my own health situation. I had issues with my prostate and test results that indicated that I almost certainly had a cancer. I asked Brian to help me. Brian and I got on the phone one evening and arranged a 40 minute session focusing on my prostate. We could do this remotely because we knew each other so well.

A short time later I had a biopsy. The result came back negative (no cancer). That not only ran contrary to the battery of tests I’d had, but also to the circumstance that a man my age has more than a 50% chance of having prostate cancer. I beat odds of about 25 to one. I was worried going into the biopsy but I wasn’t surprised at the result.

I have recommended to other people in distress that they call Brian for help. I will continue to do that.
— Jim B, Georgetown, TX

“I had been diagnosed with cervical precancerous cells. My gyno wanted to do a conization to remove them. I had to come up with the cost of the surgery, since my deductible was so high, which was going to be several months. While gathering the money, I went to Brian several times for healing. Three months later I went back to my gyno with $ needed to set up the procedure. She told me that she had to do another test to see how far my condition had progressed; ‘since a woman my age never got better, it only got worse.’ Her nurse called 3 days later to cancel the operation, because they could not find any precancerous cells. Brian is a miracle worker. If you need him, don’t pass up the chance.”

– Cheri, Austin, TX


Since I began asking Brian Kurtz for health and well-being sessions, my life and happiness have soared! I have greater faith in the Universe and its basic goodness. I feel more confident about my contribution and place in the world. As for experiencing relief from minor physical problems, yes, that happened, too. But my main difficulty was self-criticism or put another way, a lack of self-love. Brian’s work uncovered that. His wise counsel following our long-distance sessions helped me set a new course. I will continue to use Brian for tune-ups for the rest of my life. He has been a blessing not only for me but for my family and several dear friends.

Linda, 9-15-14


“Brian with his spiritual healing has brought much relief to a long ongoing problem of Carpal Tunnel in my right hand. I was skeptical at first, but not anymore. THANK YOU so very much!”

— AMC, Austin, TX


At the beginning of April, I was walking around the neighborhood with my son.  As we passed through a construction site, I stepped on some piece of wood that was lying on the ground and fractured my foot.  Unfortunately this happened on a Sunday and it was not until Monday that I was able to see an orthopedist.  The x-rays showed a fracture of the base of the 5th metatarsal and I was placed in a hard boot.  I went back to the orthopedist 7 weeks later for a follow-up and they took some x-rays again. When they compared these x-rays to the previous ones, they couldn’t see any healing at all; there was no difference between the two sets of x-rays. The fracture looked exactly the same as it did when it first happened.  I was told that the foot, particularly in this area, is very hard to heal because of the poor blood supply, and that most likely I would require surgery.  I was given an appointment to return in 3 weeks.  I thought that if no changes had happened in the first seven weeks, nothing would change in another 3 weeks.  I was mentally getting ready to have a screw placed in my foot when a few days later I got together with my sister in law for dinner and she introduced me to Brian.  He told me he had a gift of healing and offered to help me which I gladly accepted.  We had a session that lasted about 15 minutes where he visualized my fracture healing and asked me to do the same on my own for the next few nights.  He said he would be visualizing my foot at the same time too.  I had my appointment two weeks after I met Brian. For the first time in 10 weeks they could see a big difference in my x-rays! That dark spot in the fractured area was gone and it was filling up with new bone. I was told I could use a tennis shoe and they wanted to see me back in another month.  I’m sure that by then, my foot will be completely healed. [it was].

Thank you Brian!

Anonymous, Houston, TX

Brian Kurtz of Healed by Spirit is a true healer. I recommend him highly to anyone.
Here is my personal experience with his work:
In late August of 2012, I suddenly woke from a deep sleep and got up with the room whirling and spinning. I crawled
back to my bed. The next morning, everything was still spinning. I did a little research online and quickly determined that it was vertigo.
I contacted Brian. (He had, amazingly enough, contacted me the day before and I’d just visited his website.) When he arrived later that afternoon, I told him about the Vertigo and mentioned I also suffered from chronic foot neuroma [for decades! – bk]. That afternoon Brian quietly healed me of both the vertigo and the foot neuroma. It took about 35 minutes. I am deeply grateful for his help.
Sunny Markham, Breast Health Educator, LMT, Esthetician, Austin, TX


….I could definitely tell there was energy work on your part after the session and certainly appreciated.  I know thru your work and also the raw vegan diet I am much calmer and time exposes itself in an entirely different form.  It isn’t controlling me———–just a tool to direct me to activities when needed.

Take care, all is well. All is truly well.

Linzy, Austin, TX


Testimonials from Soul Connection Workshop and Couples Soul Connection Workshop:

From two very important people – one a leader in Mankind Project, and his wife, a leader in a sister organization, Woman Within…..(this process is not endorsed by Mankind Project or Woman Within…I mention it because I adore these two wonderful organizations and love these two magnificent human beings)


John and I were honored to experience your process.  We both found it deeply moving.  We are fine with you sharing that the process touched us.
Thanks again for sharing it with us. Blessings, Rhonda
This was our first couples workshop together. We decided to take it just to add some tools in our tool box, well we left with more then just “tools” we left will a purpose and an even deeper connection along with a little homework that we practice. Overall it was a great experience. Brian creates a comfortable environment that really works for sharing and allows pure openness and honesty with each other.  My fiancé [now husband] and I got so much out of it and we look forward to joining other workshops ….Olivia and Darren Moore, Austin, TX
Absolutely Brian Kurtz! A very effective process to create honest and open communication and resolve hidden issues and resentments in a supportive and non-judgmental atmosphere. <3 – Bill, Austin, TX

“Brian brought his Connection Workshop  and Calling In The Light process to our {Mankind Project} I-Group in Dallas earlier this year. Knowing Brian as I do, I was looking forward to whatever he brought, but I knew nothing about what he had planned for us.  And then we started. We paired up; starting slowly at first, with familiar questions, pauses and responses. Then…went to the next question, a deeper truth, and then the next and the next. The deepening and opening up going on in the room was amazing.
When we rejoined as a circle the magic of the process really took hold and moved beyond anything I had ever experienced. Just amazing – very transformative!
Since then, as the Chair of the USA Gathering of Elder for 2014, I suggested Brian’s process be a part of our four-day event. In the company of men with more years, wisdom and experience, Brian’s Calling In The Light touched everyone in the circle and was a highlight of a very memorable event.

Thanks, Brian, for all you let flow through you and give to us. We are the blessed ones for the work you do!”

David Davis, Dallas, TX


Testimonials from the Healer’s Class Level 1:

‘m a recent (July, 2014), satisfied graduate of Brian’s Healed By Spirit class.  I must say that meeting Brian has changed my life as he exemplifies what I hoped was true and good and accessible. He teaches by being what he teaches and by doing it, successfully. He is the personification of his message. Energy Healing is not new to me, but rare is the healer with the ability Brian has shown me and others I know who have experienced remarkable results from engaging him.
– LH, who flew in from Arkansas for the class!

Hi Brian,

Thank you for your Weekend Intensive Healing Class. It was amazing for me to learn your own powerful way of intending and bringing down Divine energy.
The experience has been tremendous. It has allowed me to sense the energy differently. I find myself becoming space and sensing the energy from this place. I am looking forward to seeing myself grow with this, for me, new healing potential.

Thank you!.
Martha E


Thank you, for teaching your Calling in the Light and Connection classes.
Each session provided me with increasing knowledge regarding the nature of 3D, energy, spiritual truths and taught me more about love, trust and grounding. I was able to open up my heart, become more vulnerable and to use the skills you taught to call in the light for my friends, former co-workers and family relationships, at public events as well as with the cashier at the grocery store. It’s transformational how everyone responded with love, compassion or healing.
Also, I found it interesting to observe how each of our class attendees “got it” in a way uniquely for themselves. I know because I was totally encouraged when I spoke my truth and discovered everyone applies this skill in their own way, even me.
I‘d recommend your classes (processes) to anyone desiring to enhance their personal and public relationships and provide healing by learning the processes for themselves.
I’m grateful, Lanna 🙂