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For over 30 years, since an initial powerful experience in June, 1984, Brian Kurtz has been a vehicle through which Spirit heals people of a wide variety of conditions  – physical, emotional, and spiritual.  Brian has also successfully worked on pets, and regularly clears living and work spaces of undesired energy.

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Brian works with great success both in person and remotely anywhere in the world.  Are you ready to be done with that nagging back pain, joint pain, migraine history, and whatever else may be causing you distress?  Brian has great success on arthritis, herniated discs, scoliosis, pre-cancerous and cancerous tissues, chronic depression, skin disorders, and more.  Though success has been achieved positive results with over 98% of his clients, please keep in mind that Brian is not a medical professional and does not claim that his healing work is intended to replace medical treatment or diagnosis of a trained medical professional. 

Testimonials are available in bunches both on this website and at Brian’s LinkedIn page….

Miracles are Available® – via a very effective modality which Brian has created and developed and is now successfully teaching to others…see Courses and Workshops section of this website…..

PLEASE READ:  As a follower of Jesus – not a fundamentalist, but a follower of Jesus’ message of Love, Inclusion, and Peace – some of the symbols Brian implements in his visualizations are “Christian-based.”  Please understand that Brian is NOT attempting in any way to evangelize or push beliefs on to anyone.  Healing sessions often facilitate a first-hand experience with Our Creator and  Brian’s “mission,” if this term may be applied, is for you to come to know first-hand The Source of your healing.   Many clients who are not Christians experience a different set of symbols around them in their energy field.   Brian considers this confirmation that Our Creator communicates to each of us in the manner which means the most to each of us, and that WE ARE ALL VALID and beloved Children of The Most High, unconditionally just the way we are, right where we are in our lives at this very moment in time, now and forever.  No exceptions. None. Period.

Prefer science?  Planck, Einstein and many others have for over a century shown with hard physics and real science that we are, at our essence, Beings of Energy. Even that which we once considered matter is now being shown to exist as nothing more than relative probable states of energy. Being able to pray/ask and intentionally direct that energy is at the heart of what I do and is the reason for the results which have been achieved through me for these last many years.  If this were akin to enjoying a symphony, I would never claim to be the musicians; only its grateful and enthusiastic conductor.

For an appointment or to discuss your issues, call Brian at 512-922-6043. Brian will either take your call or call back as soon as he’s available, generally within 24 hours.  Emails may take longer because Brian’s in front of people more than he’s in front of his computer 🙂

Peace and blessings.