So you want to be a healer? Rejoice, good soul, at the chance to spend a lifetime caring deeply for everyone who arrives in your Sacred Space! Nothing is more rewarding than facilitating daily miracles. Be forewarned, however, that it’s not necessarily all it’s cracked up to be….This article shares 30 years of perspective gained from my own work and what I’ve learned from other spirit-movers who courageously make their living by living their making.

Energy workers resolve in their clients maladies which are as varied as our shared humanity. All of those who seek our services possess wonderful souls and we gratified to work with those who mysteriously find us. How we attract people, or how they attract us is a fascinating topic for another time, but it is quite obvious that when the teacher is ready the student will appear…and vice versa. We are both blessed through the interaction and shared encounter with Our Creator. It is truly beautiful work to enter another person’s soul, to clean out decades of darkness, and to bring Light, clarity, and Peace to bear on the rest of that person’s life. We learn as we teach and are brought blessings as we bless others.

That said, once we get beyond the glorious and romanticized viewpoint, there’s always the down side, right? Are you really ready, new healer, for people with conditions so hideous that their very existence in 3D may be in peril? Are you prepared for contact from desperate family members seeking work on their parents and children who are lingering at the veil between this world and the next? Many we see are so deeply affected physically, mentally and emotionally that there are times we wonder how we can possibly affect positive change…then we remember we’re not The One doing the work, and miracles become available. Clients are often brought back from death’s door, but there are also those for whom the miracle healing is simply not meant to be. The slogan “win some, lose some” is no cute cliché where life and death are concerned. We take no credit when the miracles occur, yet still face our own internal mind-chatter when our best proves insufficient, and children of parents and parents of children pass into eternity. Acknowledgment of our own good intentions brings no consolation after heartfelt efforts prove fruitless in the face of our Creator’s Plan. We revel in the joy of successes while enduring the disappointment of those inevitable events which, though not truly our fault, nonetheless sting of failure. In our hearts we know we are responsible for neither, but still our minds chatter on….

“What could I have done differently?”
“Did I prepare adequately?”
“Am I being punished for something I’ve done or said or been?”
“What could I have done to generate a more positive and lasting result?”

We facilitate wonders, yet still know pain. Divinely inspired insights pour from our mouths into the hearts we touch, yet we still battle self-doubt. Power flows through us, but we are not The One with The Power. Daily reminders of this unavoidable truth prove all too often that we are still but imperfect human beings with our own human frailties, blind spots, and idiosyncrasies. We grow and learn yet witness our own shortcomings as parents to our children, children of our parents, friends to some and enemies to others.

Then there are those for whom our best work helps for a while but symptoms return. Beautiful souls come to us suffering from severe depression or years of unrelenting physical torment. We witness stories written by an apparently ruthless Author and wonder, “Lord, why this fate upon this one who has done so much for so many? Has she not sufficiently appreciated Your Lovingkindness? What is the lesson you are trying to teach this one? What is the lesson you are trying to teach ME?” We open chakras and clear body and soul, but there are times when people are unwilling to release the burdens generated not by the actual life-events but how these experiences are assimilated. Decades after the traumatic event how one has emotionally and psychologically held that which has occurred still impairs the functioning of body, mind and soul. We successfully remove that which does not belong only to find it has made its way back. Though inappropriate to accept ultimate responsibility, we sense defeat when, only days or weeks earlier, we celebrated Spiritual victory. Then there are the rare cases when it appears that our clients have done all they can do, and their suffering continues.

We live in constant inquiry and self-examination. We accumulate long-term positive track records yet wonder “Why do some clients experience their miracle relief from cancer or rheumatoid arthritis or herniated disc pain after a single session, and others require more sessions to enjoy sustained relief? This drives a relentless desire for our own healing and clarity. We healing vehicles are a neurotic lot; driven by big hearts while always looking for ways to clear our own minds, bodies and souls; to drop our fears and to live more authentically. We are still human beings with an ego as well as a conscience. We all share the challenges of daily life in the imperfect 3D world we share. There are always more questions than answers when delving into the nature of The Infinite and our place in the Eternal Flow.

So why become a healer? To live the blessing of being a blessing! To be the Salt of the Earth, as a great wisdom teacher so simply and eloquently put it 2000 years ago. To connect deeply with everyone we serve at a time when the world so desperately needs it. Perhaps our greatest Gift is to rekindle The Spirit within each of us which quite literally grants us our being and results in our Unique Blessed Expression in the 3D reality we share. I wish you well along your Sacred Journey.

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