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For Couples

Couples Soul Connection Workshop

A 90-minute transformational Gift for those seeking Soul-level connection and unprecedented authenticity safety in relationship – truly an essential skill for the 21st Century.

Couples Soul Connection Workshops are available on the SECOND WEDNESDAY NIGHT of each month, 7-9pm.  The Workshops are available in alternating months in person or remotely via teleconferencing.  Brian will also deliver this powerful Workshop PRIVATELY IN YOUR HOME if requested.  Contact Brian directly at 512-922-6043 or via email at healer at Healed By for more details.

facilitated by Brian Kurtz, MS, Ordained Minister, Founder Healed By Spirit and creator of the Soul Connection Workshop

You will learn in this workshop how to generate . In this space you will experience yourself and others around you at Soul Level – well beyond that which is normally available to us. Most rewarding is gaining the ability to access this Sacred Space whenever you wish – a Gift which will instantly – in the time it takes to intentionally inhale and exhale – enhance the relationship with your spouse or partner – eenabling you connect in a manner worthhy of your love for each other.

What will you gain from this workshop?

  • you will literally learn to connect with your partner at Soul Level – the Sacred Space where “magic” happens with regard to communication, connection, and all of the most important aspects of a healthy relationship.
  • You will gain clarity and awareness around the  blocks which have prevented you from connecting more deeply with your spouse or partner, and the ability and opportunity to eliminate them once and for all
  • a deeper and lasting understanding of yourself  within the context of relationship, communication and  connection

“My goal is that you gain direct access to The Sacred Space where all connection exists, and that you may access this Place at any time with your partner.  It may seem a magical claim, but the difference between magic and technology is AN EXPLANATION. When we’re done, you’ll know this first-hand.”

We are all Connected.

Science is now showing that everything in the universe contains the same Energy from the same Source, and that everything – ourselves included – is quite literally connected energetically. When we are done, you will have access to that Soul Connection we all cherish.

Lives are positively impacted whenever one “Calls In The Light,” one of the techniques learned in the Workshop.   Once learned, one may call forth this Power at anytime, anywhere, with anyone….in the grocery store, in worship services, with family and friends, or driving down the freeway.  The goal?  Nothing less than raising the vibration of the planet by facilitating this process which readily generates an attitude of unconditional love, acceptance of one’s self and others, and desire for more of that Sacred Connection.