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For Businesses and Individuals

NEW – For Businesses!   Client Relationship and Retention Workshop!
AVAILABLE TO THE PUBLIC ON THE FIRST MONDAY OF EACH MONTH, NOON-2PM at Soma Vida Work/Life Balance and Wellness Center, 2324 E. Cesar Chavez St, in Austin!
This workshop and its followup consultation and “grounding” sessions are also available to YOUR BUSINESS, and may be scheduled as a separate program specifically for your employees.  Please contact Brian Kurtz at 512-922-6043.
Already-special pricing for the workshop decreases substantially based on your Soma Vida membership level, from $50/person to complimentary.  Non-Soma-Vida-member pricing $100/person.  Follow up times to deepen and broaden your perspective and understanding are also available, at pricing which varies between $25/hr to complimentary, depending upon membership level.  This group consultation time will prove invaluable for those who’ve done ANY of the Soul Connection Workshop series.  We will dig deeply into who you’re Being and how this affects your moment-to-moment effectiveness in the world!
  • Where are my next clients?
  • How can I build and maintain the best relationships with the clients I have?
  • Who can I BE to maximize my potential service to each of them?
  • What might I expect in this workshop?
You will be guided through exercises which grant you access to your Essence. From this clear place uniquely your own, you will know new possibilities for relationship, communication, and for the ongoing growth and sustainability of your business.
When you release what’s in the way, what remains is all you are.
Once in this space, you will be given tools applicable for a lifetime of success.  Most importantly, you will be able to generate this Sacred Space with whomever you wish, whenever you choose.
Every moment becomes a conscious interaction with your manifested life. As you practice implementing these tools, your very existence will becomes a continual embodiment of your most heartfelt commitments.

You will be bigger than any room you walk into. This is not manipulation, it is Being. This is my promise to you. – Brian Kurtz

The Workshop promises:
  • Every relationship will become an effortless, shared experience, more productive than ever before, beyond what would have been considered possible prior to the workshop, especially with those most challenging people in your life.
  • You will access a Power bigger than your fear, history, uncertainty, guilt, shame, doubt, or “figuring out how/when/where/why”
  • You will be able to positively impact any situation in which you find yourself
Please sign up in advance and PLEASE BE ON TIME. Once the doors close and the workshop’s process begins, no one will be allowed into the room.