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Healer’s Curriculum


Not your thing, but you want to connect at Soul Level to enhance relationships with everyone you encounter in your daily life?  Want to improve business relationships, or those with family and friends? Really and truly?  Scroll down…..

Want to set your own schedule? Brian will deliver this program within 200 miles of Austin to you  IN YOUR HOME if you gather three couples or more in your location. 

Announcing – Brian is now making available VIRTUAL Connection Workshops and Couples Connection Workshops at significantly reduced rates, DIRECTLY YOUR LOCATION via call! This is the same process which is delivered in person, but done via your computer through either Skype or Zoom.US.  Now that technology is available to adequately deliver both high-resolution video and audio, virtual delivery of these ground-breaking processes is now possible.  Please contact Brian Kurtz today at 512-922-6043, or via email to to schedule your virtual process. Email responses will take longer; phone or text responses will generally be returned within several hours.

Healing Classes are available!  The class tuition what we now refer to as Healer’s Class Level One is $300. in person, or $250 on-line in real time, and includes all class materials, all the way to the pen and notebook if you’re local!  Limited to 8 PEOPLE in person, and advance payment is required.  Payment arrangements are available to serious students because this work is too important not to bring to the world.  Be aware that there is about seven hours of pre-course homework to do so that you can “hit the ground running.”    By the end of the final segment you will literally be able to identify AND RESOLVE physical issues in another person.  The results are surprising only because we don’t realize that the difference betwee miracles and technology is an explanation.  You will come to know this for yourself and be able to bring this Gift to the world you will serve the rest of your life, if you so desire.


Healer’s Class, Level One

Healing Yourself and Others, and

Bringing Love to bear on the world we share

Course in Healing facilitated by Brian Kurtz, MS, founder Healed By Spirit

The opportunity in this  course (eleven classroom hours plus extensive homework time) is nothing less than acquiring access to Power which can change the world.  Through the techniques learned in this course, students will literally learn how to heal other people and themselves – physically, spiritually, and emotionally.  Participants will, by the end of the final class segment, be able to alter 3D reality through the Unconditionally Loving Power which becomes available to us when we access that Sacred Space where miracles are possible. 

The first segment of the course covers the perspective required to enter that Sacred Space and what is happening during a healing session. Discussion includes the science which comes into play – physics and quantum physics – including a host of known experiments which, over 130 years, prove the power we share and to which we have access.  Pre-course homework includes eight hours of video time to prepare you for what’s coming.  For those who may wonder, religious indoctrination is NOT a part of this course.  Though a variety of religious beliefs are discussed – Judeo-Christian, Buddhist, and others – what is emphasized is the commonality inherent in the practice of each – how releasing what is in the way grants us access to that which is generally not perceived by our senses.  Jesus called it being “poor in spirit,” and Christian teachings refer to achieving that state of “peace that passes understanding.”  Buddhists refer to the stuff to be released as “dooka.”  Sufi mystic Rumi wrote “Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing there is a field.  I’ll meet you there.  When the soul lies down in that grass the world is too full to talk about.”

The second segment of the course will allow you access to the Sacred Space where Miracles are Available®. In this space you will experience yourself and others around you at Soul Level beyond that which is normally available to us.  Most rewarding is gaining the ability to access this Sacred Space whenever you wish – a Gift which will not only enable you to do the healing work of this course, but also to enhance relationships with everyone you encounter — friends, family members, colleagues at work, or the barista at your favorite coffee shop!

The third segment of the course presents the actual healing techniques to be employed to get The Work done. You will actually learn how to heal other people in the physical, emotional, and spiritual domains.  Very specific details are presented whereby students learn, practice, and demonstrate their proficiency in these techniques. You will then be encouraged to practice on friends, family members, pets, and any others willing to participate. The beauty of the program is that Our Creator is doing the work.  There’s no way to “mess it up,” as it were, when occupying The Sacred Space in which the healing takes place. There are two very important pieces of this segment – first, that you will come to know for yourself that which you are Meant to See in a way uniquely your own, so that you will come to discern effectively what is being encountered and what to do to remove and resolve the condition.  Secondly, you will come to know first hand The Source of the Healing, to which we all have access and which wishes this process to take place so that those treated will come to know first hand The Source of their healing.

Graduates of this course are actually out in the world doing this most valuable work – facilitating for people a first-hand experience with The Spirit responsible for their healing.  I know of no greater calling in this world which is generally so lacking in meaningful connection and communication.

Next Austin Date for Healer’s Class, Level One is a  four-Wednesday-evening schedule, March 7 and 21, and April 4 and 18, 7-10pm.  Location to be determined based on class size.  RSVP to Brian Kurtz via text or voice at 512-922-6043.  Advance reservations required with non-refundable $100.00 deposit via credit card through PayPal or through your PayPal account to Limited to 10 people. $300.00 payment in full, or payment arrangements, is required 72 hours before the event. On-line, real-time tuition via is $250., and you will be responsible for the quality of your own bandwidth.   If circumstances require you to back away from the class, your deposit will be applied to the next available class.  You will be given exact location well in advance.    


Healed by Spirit™ Advanced Healer’s Class – Level Two

Making it your own

This is the next level for those seeking deeper understanding of the Healed by Spirit™ modality and, if you so desire, the next step toward earning licensure as a Healed by Spirit Advanced Level Practitioner™. Please keep in mind that certification is not a “class completed” certification.  Anyone may take the class, but certification requires proof of positive impact from your healing work on a vast majority of session participants.

If you are a Healed by Spirit™ Level One graduate (or you have sufficient experience as a healer that we can catch you up on the distinctions of the modality), join Brian Kurtz in this intensive training to truly take what you’ve learned and make it your own!

The advanced level training meets live and online via teleconferencing, as well as being available as recorded calls.  We will meet every 4th Thursday of the month (except November, dates TBA), and there will be extensive homework time.

In this course, you will learn several essential pieces which are imperative if you are to enhance your knowledge and your refine your ability to do the healing work required and, if you desire, toward becoming a Healed by Spirit Advanced Level Practitioner™.

Session 1 and 2 – In-depth understanding of the Chakra system and applying this knowledge to the discernment and clearing of lifelong energetic residue, restoring and balancing of the Chakras, the basics of caring for yourself through crystal healing with the Chakras, and taking what you learn and making it your own! We will also do a refresher up to the current level of refinement of the Level One Healed by Spirit™ modality’s knowledge base in this segment.

Session 2 – Connecting to your Higher Self, to Spirit and to your Angels and Spirit Guides, and creating for yourself the process by which you will come to your own deeper understanding of the symbols and visuals encountered during your healing sessions.  You will learn how to more clearly and confidently function within the sacred space you generate, and affect required change when you’re there.  For homework, you will be expected to perform at least two healing sessions on others with the system you’re learning and refining, and report back in detail about your experience and results. Journaling will be expected and required.

Session 3 – Greater detail in the discernment and understanding of a wide variety of conditions and maladies you are likely to encounter, and how to resolve these on your path as a healer.  Methods for discerning and clearing virtually any condition you might mention will be presented.  You will add to your journal and document results of healing sessions (names and other personal information need never be presented in class), what you are observing and learning, and be required to complete at least two more healing sessions between sessions 3 and 4.  You will also learn some of the basics for seeking client referrals and identifying superior sources for tools of the healing arts – pendulums, essential oils, crystals, oracle cards and more.

Session 4 – More practical application of all you’ve learned, deeper discussion of what you’re encountering on your journey, resolving what’s showing up for you in your work and in life in general, and support in becoming a licensed Healed by Spirit Practitioner™

Tuition is $750 per person – VERY flexible payment arrangements are certainly available for committed students. Please contact Brian Kurtz directly at 512-922-6043. If you’re serious about making the difference, let’s make it happen!

Pre-registration required so that all notebooks and course materials may be prepared before your arrival. If it has been a while since you completed your Level One course, your older notebooks will need to be updated with all current information!


Please be aware that if you should choose the path toward becoming a Healed By Spirit Advanced Level Practitioner™ or Master Level Practitioner™ you must be able to demonstrate at a statistically significant level your ability to positively impact and/or resolve a wide variety of conditions which may appear in clients you encounter on your path.  Ongoing licensure requires that you subscribe to quarterly, ongoing on-line material which will made available to facilitate your success.  All licensed Healed by Spirit™ Advanced or Master Level practitioners will have their contact and biographical information posted on the Healed by Spirit™ website so that people from around the world may contact you for their healing needs.