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Addiction Release

The Addiction Release Process

Do you wish you had a set of skills which could literally change your world in an instant?

The Addiction Release Process has evolved from the second segment of the Calling In The Light Healer’s Class.  This process will allow you access to the Sacred Space where Miracles are Available®. In this space you will experience yourself and others around you at Soul Level beyond that which is normally available to us.  Accessing your Higher Self will be easier than ever before.  You will be able to more effectively than ever before know your own triggers which take you off course, and stop them in their tracks.  Your addiction “head games” will become far more apparent, giving you an edge you may never have had before.

Most rewarding is gaining the ability to access this Sacred Space whenever you wish – a Gift which will instantly – in the time it takes to intentionally inhale and exhale – strengthening your ability to withstand your addictive urges and the internal conversations which keep them alive, knowing first-hand the “mind chatter” which can send you off the edge at any minute.  Your relationship with yourself and your relationships with everyone you encounter will be enhanced at a level you never thought possible.

What will you gain from this process?

  • clarity and awareness of the  blocks which have prevented you from connecting more deeply with yourself and those around you, and the opportunity to eliminate them once and for all
  • knowledge and tools to generate at any time the Sacred Space in which your own Higher Power is accessible, where authenticity and real communication  exist, and in which the rest of your life may be lived from this Higher Place
  • a deeper and lasting understanding of yourself  within the context of relationship with yourself and others

 “My goal is that you gain direct access to The Sacred Space where all connection exists, and that you may access this Place at any time you wish.  It may seem a magical claim, but the difference between magic and technology is AN EXPLANATION. When we’re done, you’ll know this first-hand.”

The end results are:

  • You will stand in a place of freedom and safety where YOU are in control of your life, once and for all.  This is the place where authentic self-expression and deep Connection to yourself and others occurs.
  • You will know you are valid and are able to powerfully validate others; supporting them in discovering and shining their own unique Light into the world
  • You will experience transformed relationships with even the most challenging aspects of your life, and with an effortless quality which prior to the workshop would have seemed impossible.