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Healing Sessions for People

Brian’s multi-modal approach has proved very effective in positively impacting and often eliminating several types of cancers, rheumatoid arthritis, and relieving chronic neck and back pain.  Brian’s Healed By Spirit modality includes several steps for which common terms may be used, yet these simplistic terms are wholly inadequate to fully describe the many techniques Brian implements in any given session.

  • Opening discussion where connection is initiated
  • Opening, clearing, cleansing, and balancing all chakras
  • Aura reading and aura balancing
  • Energetic Life history to discern the energetic results/residue of having lived your life up to now, and cleansing of that residue from all seven chakras
  • Post-session discussion – this is most certainly part of the healing session, as what comes through Brian from Our Creator is specifically for you and you alone –  Brian generally does not remember – even minutes later – what will be spoken to you during this very important period of time.  All of what has been discovered during the session is presented and an intuitive counseling session and life lessons generally come through at this time. Many have said that this was the most important part of the session, because what has been accomplished on a deep spiritual level – literally beyond time and space in the session – is now put into a perspective of the Here and Now where your life is lived.  From this place clients are given instructions which, when put into practice, form the basis of a Path of self-discovery which can last a lifetime.

Introductory sessions include lifelong energetic residue clearing from all seven chakras, body work covering every bodily system and part, and a complete and very detailed intuitively guided counseling session.  The price for this entire process is only $175, and usually takes between two and three hours. Please allow three hours for this session.

Chakra clearings alone are billed at $100./session, and it is STRONGLY recommended that you select an introductory session first, and have Chakra clearings done on a regular basis. Most clients find “staying clear” to be VERY helpful in their lives-in-general, and have clearings done every 1-3 months.  Should you wish to have Brian work on any and all physical symptoms you may be experiencing,  this comprehensive clearing process is about an hour long, and will cost $100. Again, it is STRONGLY recommended that you select an introductory session, and seek further work for anything which arises in the future.

Keep in mind, too, that after our introductory session, we are generally so connected that regular followup sessions generally take FAR less than an hour, and are billed at a $100/hr rate, AS ACCUMULATED, payable by the 20th or so of each month.  In other words if you only need 15-20 minutes per “touch-up” session, you’re only paying 25-35/session.  For most, this is less than a co-pay at a traditional doctor’s office!

from Brian — At its essence what I do is remove “that which does not belong,” that is, that which is causing the problem, and replacing it — filling the gap, as it were, with your body’s own healing energy. If I perceive a lack of sufficient energy within you, I will literally “call it in;” asking God/Power/Spirit to shine Its Eternal All-knowing, All-Loving Light on to and into you. The feeling is always quite palpable to me, quite often equally obvious to my client-in-session, and the results are undeniable. 

Important note regarding the LACK of religion in what I do: 

I AM NOT dogma- or requirement-driven in my approach to your healing or to your life.  My singular goal is that you are free of your ailment.  I have found that this healing experience often facilitates a first-hand experience with Our Creator and my mission, if I may use this term, is for you to come to know first-hand The Source of your healing IN THE WAY THAT IS YOURS. 

Prefer science?  Planck, Einstein and many others have for over a century shown with hard physics and real science that we are, at our essence, Beings of Energy. Even that which we once considered matter is now being shown to exist as nothing more than relative probable states of energy. Being able to pray/ask and intentionally direct that energy is at the heart of what I do and is the reason for the results which have been achieved through me for these last many years.  If this were akin to enjoying a symphony, I would never claim to be the musicians; only its grateful and enthusiastic conductor.

As a follower of Jesus’ singular message of unconditional love for ALL, NO EXCEPTIONS, some of the symbols I work with in my visualizations are “Jesus-based.”  I find it very interesting that many clients who are not Christian experience a different set of symbols around them in their energy field which nonetheless mirror the INTENT of the symbols I use.   I consider this a direct confirmation that Our Creator communicates to each of us in the manner which means the most to each of us. I consider this confirmation that WE ARE ALL VALID and beloved Children of The Most High, loved unconditionally just the way we are, right where we are in our lives at this very moment in time, now and forever.  No exceptions. None. Period.