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Energetic Space Clearings

Everything is energy. Everything contains and radiates energy.  The energy of every object in our home or workplace has a charge…and not always pleasant.

Spiritual entities sometimes attach themselves to things we own, purchase, or even to people who enter our space.  Brian has, in his experience, cleared unwanted “spiritual debris” from books, furniture, homes and workspaces. For some this sounds outlandish, for others who have experienced this unpleasant phenomenon, it is has been a harsh reality.

Brian has encountered homes where deaths have occurred, or where objects recently brought into a home have resulted in pets avoiding certain rooms in a home, or where visitors experience sudden changes of temperament for no apparent reason.  Those perceptive enough to notice have called Brian with outstanding results.

At its essence what Brian does is remove “that which does not belong,” that is, that which is causing the problem, and replacing it — filling the gap, as it were, with the energy of Love, Peace, and all which is good in the world;  literally “Calling In The Light;” asking God/Power/Spirit to shine Its Eternal All-knowing, All-Loving Light into the space and everything in it. The feeling immediately thereafter is usually quite palpable as clients re-enter the space. The results are undeniable.  See the video from one of my satisfied clients, Dave Schulze, owner of Focus Fitness in Austin, TX….