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What might I expect from a Healed By Spirit session?

From Brian:

Are you ready to be done with whatever it is which lead you to me?  Let’s schedule your session!  My success rate (positive impact achieved in any given session) is about 98%…really and truly.  Remote sessions are MOST of my work now, and are no less effective for ANY condition on which I’ve worked.  I’m not “The One” doing the work, so factors like distance or even your condition are not as big a concern as our holding the Sacred Space together which brings you to wholeness and healing. Our MUTUAL COMMITMENT to your well-being will get you there and keep you there.

If you’ve never done energy work before, please be aware that we’re working in a realm beyond the “normal” five senses, and your body may react in a physical way to the non-physical work we’re doing. It is common for clients’ stomachs to growl, sensations of warmth or coolness may be felt in various parts of the body, some feel “tinglies,” and so forth. Some feel nothing during the session, yet are free of the ailment they brought to the session. Chronic pain sufferers are most noteworthy, in that they’re often not used to feeling “nothing” any more. Relief is a beautiful thing!  It is also VERY common for clients to fall asleep during their session.  Sacred Space is a very peaceful place!

Chakra Work

Discernment and clearing energetic residue from all seven chakras – accumulated over your entire lifetime — which has resulted in the physical and emotional concerns you’ve endured.  You will receive your personalized chart to review and consider (free of the charge generally associated with it) as well as an intuitively-guided, specifically-for-you discussion designed to reduce the likelihood of your conditions or unpleasant life situations from recurring.  This process generally takes 60-90 minutes.

Body Work

No physical touch is required, as the work is energetic. Once again, distance and location are not issues in the Sacred Space we share in a healing session.  What might be considered as “miraculous successes” are the norm, regardless of physical condition.  Herniated discs have healed in a single session from 2000 miles away.  Prostate counts (“PSAs”) clearly denoting cancer drop dramatically.  Bones which have yet to come back together are healed.  You get the idea J .

All physical systems will be scanned and cleared – be aware that areas of concern you forget to mention will likely be discerned and handled — Nervous system, skeletal system, musculature and connective tissues, joints and spine, digestive system, cardiovascular system/heart/blood, lungs, liver, kidneys, pancreas, eyes, ears, nose/sinuses, throat, skin.  Everything will be covered. This process generally takes 45-60 minutes, though certain situations may alter this time frame.

 “Nuts and bolts” of an introductory session

Here’s how it will happen: we’ll talk for a bit (if remote, by phone or call), usually 15 minutes or so, so we can connect.  We’ll then get started (we hang up if working together remotely), then “I do what I do and God does what God does.” (I call you back when all of my work is done if remote). You’ll then get a full report on what I’ve found, discuss your Lifelong Energetic Residue Chakra Chart, and we’ll discuss that in detail.


A complete introductory session is strongly recommend for all new clients, which includes Chakra work and intuitively guided session as described above, as well as a full-body energetic clearing of every system.  This entire package is available for first-time clients at the reduced rate of $179, and may take as long as three hours.

Pricing for further chakra clearing and bodywork “tune-ups” may be done remotely by the hour (sessions are generally much shorter after intro sessions –recommended for chronic pain and cancer patients where symptoms persist), or offered at reduced rate in person when scheduled in advance as part of a regular maintenance program to “keep the energetic sidewalk clean in front of you.” Maintenance program discounts are offered when sessions are scheduled every three months or sooner.

 Energetic clearings of homes and work spaces are $100/hour plus reasonable transportation costs where required. Typical clearings are about an hour.

— Payment is via PayPal, Square/Credit Card or you can mail in a check if we’ve really come to know each other quite well and you have a solid payment history with me.

I’m very clear with everyone that I AM NOT The One doing the work.  Call it “God” whatever you want…Spirit, Great Mystery, Divine Quantum Universe….that’s who/what is doing the work.  I’m a Christian and use Christian symbols in my visualizations and call on Christ to do the work, but please be clear that my notion of Christ is beyond gender, religious affiliation, and other divisive boxes that human beings tend to force others into; generally from fear and lack of self-love.  I’m all about HEALING, not dogma or other brain-generated messiness. We’re all in this life together for one reason – to serve each other and get back to the inherent Divinity contained within all of us. Thanks!

Brian Kurtz