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Over the past 30 years thousands of people have been served in ways which are truly profound and transformational. In many cases, my services were free or nearly free so no one would be denied the Creator’s gifts for financial reasons. However, the demand for healing is growing exponentially as thrilled clients refer friends.

In January, 2014, I chose to make Healing and Connection my sole endeavor, my sole support. Some clients tell me their lives were literally saved. Others have been able to resume jobs nearly lost. Nearly all report a stronger connection with Spirit, with themselves, and with others. This work is usually faster & more thorough than medical treatments, and without the resulting bills and unpleasant side effects.

Most are able to show their gratitude financially, for which I am grateful. That said, there are some who cannot pay. No insurance covers this work. I consider this work a ministry because it provides recipients a first-hand opportunity to be touched by their Creator. I am not the healer; God is. I am given impressions and thus am guided to do what is needed in the moment. For the record, there is NO proselytizing in my work. No dogma. No “do this or else.”  I abhor such treatment of human beings by anyone, and will never resort to such tactics.

If you wish to contribute to what I’m doing in the world, I have set up an easy system through which clients are now paying. It is PayPal-based via the button below. Clients can pay for their sessions, and friends of my clients can contribute on their behalf. Anyone may contribute here. I also accept personal checks at the Austin address listed on this website.

If you are donating to help someone else, please put his or her name in PayPal’s “special instructions to recipient” box. Thank you for supporting my Service. I am very, very grateful for my Gifts & for yours. Yours make mine possible.