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Healings, Trainings, and Intuitive Counseling by Brian Kurtz

"My goal is your complete healing--physical, emotional or spiritual--and that you come to know personally The Source of your healing."

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Healing Sessions

Brian is not "The One" facilitating your healing. Miracles are Available (R). Any condition--physical, intellectual, emotional, or spiritual--is healable.

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The Connection Process

Nothing is more important than connection with our fellow human beings. Learn to connect deeply with anyone, anywhere, anytime. This technique can be used to connect with your partner, your children, clients, colleagues, students, or complete strangers

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Read about the miracles.

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Is it your time to step up and make a difference in the world? Healer trainings and Connection Process Facilitator Certifications are enrolling now.

Brian's latest posts

So, you want to be a healer?

So you want to be a healer? Rejoice, good soul, at the chance to spend a lifetime caring deeply for everyone who arrives in your Sacred Space! Nothing is more rewarding than facilitating daily miracles. Be forewarned, however, that it’s […]

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Is there an Ultimate Creator?

What if there was an ultimate creator of all things?  What if that creator sourced this universe from a place which is beyond time and space, yet still exists here within our perceived three dimensional existence as the energy which […]

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