Welcome to the rest of your life.  Pain free, drug free and at peace.

Miracles are Available ®

Back and neck issues?  Herniated discs?  Degenerative conditions? Cancer? Carpal tunnel syndrome? Arthritis? All have been treated with continued success for 30 years by this non-invasive, gentle, calming, drug-free procedure in your location or ours.  Remote sessions have proven every bit as effective from as far as away as Nicaragua. Spirit as far beyond time or distance.  Available by appointment as your condition requires, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, around the world. All a phone call away.  Cell direct at 512-922-6043.

Spiritual Healing, Christian Healing, Energetic Healing,  Drug-Free Pain Relief.  Call it what you wish.  What matters are the Source and the RESULT.  Many of us experience some condition which causes us discomfort or “dis-ease.” Perhaps that condition manifests as chronic back, joint or muscle pain.  It may be a general soreness that some of us wake up with every morning.  Many of us simply tolerate this condition as an inevitable part of our lives which we believe will never change.  Perhaps we ingest medications for temporary relief of symptoms; all the while knowing that these medications are not eliminating the cause of the problem. These may in fact add extra stress to the liver, kidneys, and other internal organs whose job it is to filter or otherwise process such substances which were never really meant to be inside our bodies in the first place.

You have a choice.  There is another avenue which may be taken.

Are you ready?  Call now.  Brian may be reached at (512) 922-6043 or email Healer@HealedBySpirit.com. Voice or text preferred.  Thanks in advance and congratulations for having the courage to make the call which will change the course of your life.

Radio interview:  Brian was interviewed by Teresa Maijala on KOOP 91.7FM on her “Tales from the Golden Cabinet” program.  Here’s the link for the audio of the broadcast!

Please copy the following address into your web browser and listen to the interview.  We had a great time with this!     archive.org/details/TalesFromTheGoldenCabinetBrianKurtz


Please read below or go to our Classes and Processes page

Brian has developed classes to teach his methodology – now available in two formats:

  • four weekday night sessions of 2 1/2 hours each
  • a weekend intensive course – Friday evening 7-10pm (plus extensive prepartory work to begin to ground yourself in the perspective required to claim your place in The Sacred Space), Saturday 9am-noon (plus homework for the rest of the day) and Sunday 11-5 (lunch time included).

Thus far ten classes have been completed and graduates are out in the world Shining Their Light and facilitating miracles!  Read more in the scheduling/classes/workshops section of this website….

There are also a series of 90-minute processes which evolved from the second session of this course (see the classes and workshops page of the website for more detailed info!) These processes will literally take you from “ground zero” to Soul-Level Connection in 90 minutes.  The implications for communication, relationship and success in all areas of your life are immediately apparent, and LASTING when the tools offered here are put into daily practice.

  • Calling In The Light Connection Process – tuition $100/person – group discounts apply
  • Couples Connection Process – tuition $175/couple – discounts apply as enrollments increase
  • Parent/Child Connection Process – price varies based on how many parents and children are in your family, because the time required to enable all family members to participate and achieve the desired result will increase as more children are included in the process
  • Student/Teacher Connection Process – tuition will vary here as well based on class size
  • Business Colleague Connection Process – tuition varies based on size of your group
  • Addiction Release Process – Connection to Spirit inside everyone empowers transformation

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